The Sun Symbol

The special qualities of the Sun Symbol are displayed in the books and films about Braco and Ivica- a symbol of love and light, and as a connection to this energy, which has illuminated so many hearts and souls.

Braco created the first Sun Pendant from 14 carat (585) gold as a present for his predecessor Ivica. Soon thereafter, Ivica made an identical Sun pendant for Braco, and later they gave a Sun Symbol to all members of their team. They recognized that this Sun Symbol could serve as a bridge and a connection to the energy, so today everybody who has the wish to wear the Sun Symbol can do so.

All Golden Sun Jewelry is crafted in solid 14 carat / 585 gold with genuine fine diamonds.
Golden Sun pendants, rings and earrings are only available at Braco Live Events. They are not sold online or in stores.