For some people, the symbol of the 13-ray sun is a connection to that which Braco shares through his gaze 

The special properties of this symbol are presented in the books and films about Braco and Ivica.

In the past the sun symbol had characterized the work of Braco’s predecessor and teacher Ivica Prokić. He had conceived of it intuitively, and you can find it on the covers of all his books. Braco was the first to have this symbol made out of 14 carat gold. He gave it to Ivica out of gratitude. Shortly thereafter, Ivica presented Braco with an identical sun pendant as a gift. All members of their team were later given a sun symbol pendant.

Today, everyone can wear the symbol of the 13-ray sun as a piece of jewelry.

sonne 3
sonne 4
sonne 6

The symbol of the sun could be found with many great cultures of the past; after all, the sun is the obvious giver and guarantor of all life on earth. But this sun symbol, which accompanies Braco’s work and is intended as a material expression of that which helps people through his gaze, shows very specific characteristics. It is a sun with 13 rays.

The well-known Croatian border scientist Drago Plečko saw in this symbol the expression of the unification of the opposites determining human life. In his book, “The Mystery of Braco 3,”  he writes, “Effective symbols have to have a special meaning in order to unite in human consciousness all the opposites and inconsistencies that accompany a person to the end of their lives.

Such a concept (…) has always been referred to as the “son of the sun and the moon” or as the harmony of yin and yang. The sun is clearly symbolized by its physical appearance and the moon by the number of rays—thirteen–which, as we have already established, represent the 13 months of the lunar year, thus the energy of the moon. (…) The attraction of many people to this symbol testifies to its archetypal power.”

Each sun symbol as a piece of jewelry is handmade. It is made of 14 carat / 585 gold with genuine diamonds. The jewelry in the form of pendants, rings and earrings is only available at Braco Live Events.