Braco Thank You – by Boris Novkovic


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Music by Boris Novković
CD, 31 minutes – 
English version

Braco helped me when I needed it. I believe it was because of the energy that I got from him that I was able to awaken the energy in myself and win the Croatian Song Contest for the Eurovision.”
Boris Novković, Croatian Singer and song writer


Boris Novkovic is a musical icon in Croatia and the Balkans. He began his career at age 16 with a #1 album, and has been topping the charts ever since as a pop-rock artist. Yet, fame and fortune do not ensure a happy life and along his career path, Boris experienced many difficulties and even depression which led him to Braco. The help he received through Braco’s gift meant so much to him that he was inspired to write and sing an entire album of songs celebrating Braco and his work. (He is now the same age as Braco.) Fortunately, Boris not only produced the album in his native Croatian tongue he also made a version in English. This uplifting and dynamic musical tribute is another wonderful way to experience a connection to Braco.

This album has a vibrant pop-rock sound, uplifting lyrics, and a few songs textured with native Croatian rhythms. Lyrics listed on the album insert. 9 songs.


1. Thank you Braco
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2. In your eyes
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3. Through you
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4. Everything you give us
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5. There is a thin line between Ivica and Braco
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6. Happiness is your and our home
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7. A day like this
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8. Singing about you
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9. Fulfilled dream
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