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The next step … USA

DVD, 48 minutes

Languages: English, Croatian, German

The DVD from 2009, in which Braco can be seen in Las Vegas, a city of billboards, entertainment, and gambling. Contrary to this artificial side of life, Braco’s giving gaze can awaken within each human being the connection to him/herself, to the inner nature of mankind.

Who is this man called “Braco” and how did his mission begin? What does Braco perceive when he looks at the signs of an ancient culture for the first time? What do the visitors feel and experience thanks to Braco’s gaze?

Angelika Whitecliff, author of the book “21 Days with Braco”, knows many people with special abilities. “However, as opposed to all the others, Braco doesn’t touch anyone, he doesn’t even speak to the visitors. He simply looks at the people.” Many of the visitors shed tears of joy: “Now I want to live again.”

Scientists, as well as well-known personalities, such as the American author William Kotzwinkle, writer of the book “E. T.”, and other visitors to Braco, tell us interesting insights about their individual experiences. Numerous film recordings of Braco in nature speak their own language, namely the language of the heart.

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