Life power 2006


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Life power 2006

DVD, 36 minutes

Languages: English, Croatian, German

“Life Power 2006” was the name of the exposition for consciousness and health in Zurich from March 9-12, 2006, which, thanks to Braco, enabled the visitors to see inside themselves. The Evening News of the Swiss National Television reported about Braco: “You can’t see Life Power, or touch it, but you can receive and embrace it.”

Directors and other public figures speak about Braco, including Professor Alexander Schneider, founder of the “Baseler Psi Tage”. He himself had the following experience: “Braco lifts the human being up to a higher level of consciousness. He doesn’t speak to the visitors, doesn’t touch anyone, he just looks at them.” Even a Shaman expresses how he was very impressed by Braco.

Visitors of various countries are very enthusiastic and come gladly again and again to Braco’s sessions. “I am ecstatic!” “I draw new strength to cope with my daily life.” The glowing eyes of the visitors express more than any words can describe.

Film shots and photographs taken at Srebrnjak 1 in Zagreb in 1994, where Ivica had already received many visitors, show the beginning of the path which Ivica opened up for Braco.

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