Joy of Life


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Joy of Life

DVD, 2016, 57 minutes

Languages: English, Croatian, German

The DVD shows new and fresh footage of Braco and prof. Gruden’s travelling to the event in Germany and their relaxed walk in the streets of Esslingen. Scientists are enthusiastic about Braco’s “Giving Gaze” at live events and Live Streaming, and this is also true for the Croatian psychiatrist and psychotherapist Professor Dr. Vladimir Gruden. “Anyone who has self-actualized is on the way to recovery.”

People from different backgrounds visit Braco events and share about how their lives have become happier, more peaceful, and better. The Austrian artist, Professor Elisabeth Wildbolz, was the first who had the wish to contribute to free Live Streaming in 2014. “Through Braco I have found joy in my life again,” she often shares at the live event in Switzerland, and here also in the film.

Impressive film sequences speak for themselves and the reports of visitors at live events in Zurich, Ljubljana, Stuttgart, Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich as well as Croatia give valuable insights. The film brings a touching story about a family, which reports how their son Luka Josip would not be here, if there was no Braco.

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