Braco’s Gaze 2 – The Unknown Infinity


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Braco’s Gaze 2 – The Unknown Infinity
By Dr. Vladimir Gruden

Hardcover, 153 pages

Language: English, German, Croatian

In “Braco’s Gaze 2: The Unknown Infinity”, Professor Vladimir Gruden, M.D., expands the quest to understand the unseen forces behind Braco’s giving gaze that began in book one, by now showing people the most hidden influences within themselves. Dr. Gruden reaches into the vast territories of mind, spirit and God, to brilliantly empower individuals with fresh perspectives. His skillful explanations and examples guide readers through the depths and mysteries of their consciousness. While offering a roadmap that identifies our most valuable assets, he illuminates the opportunities available to people who come to experience the life changing, healing potential of Braco’s silent gaze. During Dr. Gruden’s notable life-long career as a psychiatrist, he has gained genuine wisdom to reveal groundbreaking views about our potentials and how to achieve the very best in all areas of life. He clears a path through outmoded ideas, misplaced values, and mistaken beliefs to remove the clutter and help people “elevate within” to achieve a happier, healthier life foundation. Here, Braco’s gaze is a wondrous, yet mysterious key. And Dr. Gruden sheds light on why Braco’s unique gaze has helped to heal countless individuals from all around the world with every kind of malady and problem.

Everyone meeting Braco’s gaze will find invaluable directions offered here to break free from misconceptions that hold them back from greater and richer self-fulfillment. A sage and sometimes humorous teacher, Dr. Gruden explains how to open up to the power of silence … and the unknown … and receive the most from their own encounter with the infinite possibilities of Braco’s gaze.

Angelika Whitecliff
Author of „21 Days with Braco“


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