Braco – The Fascinating World of Legend and Science


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Braco – The Fascinating World of Legend and Science
by Prof. Alex Schneider

Soft cover, 106 pages

Languages: English, German, Spanish

This book attempts to shed light on the phenomenon of Braco from a variety of perspectives so that it can finally be understood.

This book does not contain a unified theory, but rather a selection of food for thought. In the beginning, many groundbreaking phenomena are faced with scepticism, alienation, fear, and often rejection. Even with all its learned sophistication our intellect is not always sufficient to grasp the unknown. Intellectuals, especially, tend to reject with ready-made theories those successes that are not medically verifiable. In this way new knowledge is subjected to limited imagination and frequently misinterpreted. Therefore, it takes more than structuring rationality to interpret overwhelming mystical experiences; it also takes intuition to classify the borderline experiences we are confronted with here.


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