Braco and Pablo


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von Ines Zorman & Natalie Kovačić

Hardcover, 42 Pages

Language: English, German, Croatian

While enjoying their walk and the rays of the morning sunshine, Braco and his happy playful pet Pablo encountered an angel. He warned them about an evil creature named Ducky who was oppressing farmers in a land far away with the aid of his insect army. He was even holding them captive in the castle as servants. The fearless Braco and Pablo immediately embarked on a quest to save the prisoners!

After a long journey, passing many rivers, dense forests, and tall mountains, they were attacked by Ducky’s army. In an unrelenting battle between good and evil, Braco and Pablo defeated the attackers with luminous energy. Still, Pablo was stung by one of the insects. He asked Braco for help with a whimpering yelp. – Oooooooh, owwwwww! Braco heals him with his look.

Read this story and find out how a miracle occurred in the castle of the malevolent Ducky when Braco vanquished evil in a battle without weapons and using only kindness, then banished Ducky and freed the captive farmers, restoring happiness and harmony to their lives.

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