Braco and his silent Gaze
A Documentation


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von Dr. med. Matthias Kamp

Softcover, 232 Seiten

Language: English, German, Croatian

“So, I made up my mind to open my heart to this man who just gazes at people in silence, for at least five minutes. During the encounter, I felt more love than I could have ever imagined – pure love. I felt loved. Exactly on that day, all pain has fallen away from me.”

“It’s a very intense light that he awakens in people…”

“When he looked at me, I felt like someone was wiping away all my worries.”

(visitors in Germany, Austria and the USA after an event with Braco)

It is impressive to stand in front of a person who just gazes at visitors of his events in silence. No rousing speech, no new teachings or wisdom – and, above all, no new religion – just silence. Braco has the courage to stand in front of thousands of people at events and congresses. He has a special gift, as some scientists say. In 2012, he received a peace prize at the UN in New York.

A German medical doctor wrote this book after his own intense experiences with Braco and his gaze. More than 70 visitors of the events with Braco have their say, including doctors, psychologists, scientists from physics, biochemistry, health sciences, consciousness researchers and a theologian. It is those direct experiences of visitors and the expertise of scientists that bring the reader closer to the unknown which has no name, and brings happiness and help back to people through Braco’s gaze.

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