21 Days With Braco


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21 Days With Braco

Paperback, 311 pages

Language: English, German, Croatian

A new possibility of transformation and awakening for humanity has emerged …
And it comes in the most mysterious of ways!

In the Balkan country of Croatia, a man has risen up to help the people of this strife-ridden land with a remarkable gift. Braco has achieved an elevated state of consciousness that has allowed him to spontaneously manifest the ability to change people’s lives for the better through his silent gaze alone. With this gaze of miracles, Braco touches hundreds of thousands of lives each year with an unseen energy that creates physical healings, well-being and life transformations.

On the other side of the world in Hawaii, Angelika Whitecliff encountered Braco’s picture, which alone electrified a deeply buried spiritual knowledge and profound inner joy. Courageously, she embarked on a journey to discover the power behind this gaze, and the life of the man who possessed such a gift that positively affected so much.

Defying scientific explanation and conventional understanding, the power of Braco’s gaze miraculously heals the body and empowers people in their lives. Angelika was offered the unique opportunity to spend 21 days at Braco’s side, something never before allowed, and to chronicle for the first time interviews and stories from Braco’s family, staff and friends. This true story reveals a man whose life embodies a perfect balance between the material and spiritual, and one people can live too. Unimaginable responsibilities lie on the shoulders of Braco, but he is ready to share his gift with the world, and if humanity is ready to accept it, the prophecies of a new Golden Age emerging in our time will not only become possible, but be made real.

About the Author:
Angelika Whitecliff is a researcher of consciousness and alternative healing modalities; an international lecturer, Exopolitics Institute Director, news columnist for the Examiner.com and co-founder of the annual Hawaii Earth Transformation Conference.


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