Braco 40


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Braco 40

DVD, 2008, 73 minutes

Languages: English, German, Croatian, Italian

Everybody who came to Srebrnjak 1 in Zagreb to share in the celebration wished Braco “Happy 40th Birthday” on November 23, 2007. Touching reports of the visitors testify to the existence of something invisible, which flowed to them through Braco’s eyes. One can see the special thanks expressed in the eyes of the visitors.

In celebration of Braco’s 40th birthday in 2007, the DVD “Braco 40” gives us insights into the past: film recordings from the year 1994 and photos of times past, as well as reports of the visitors back then give us an idea of why so many people today still make the long journey to experience Braco’s giving gaze.

Hundreds of people encounter the man with the giving gaze; among them are well-known musicians and athletes who speak about their experiences. One of them is the musician Boris Novkovic: “People are opening themselves more and more to the subtler things of life.” The Croatian TV Broadcasting system, RTL, also broadcast a program about Braco, which is also included in this DVD.

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