Visitors at events report that books and DVDs about Braco and his gift convey more than just information. They can help maintain and deepen the connection with what Braco shares through his gaze.

Drago Plečko regarded the DVDs and books about Braco as generators for the energy of his Gaze. For him they are like an amplifier for the time outside of live events. They remind you of, and reconnect you with your personal experience in the encounter with Braco’s Gaze.

Reading the diary-style account by the American journalist Angelika Whitecliff will, like in no other book, allow you to get to know Braco both during his trips to events as well as in his private family life.  In her book “21 Days with Braco”, she describes the events of his life in such detail that you can really immerse yourself and become part of the events. The book is very easy to read and you won’t want to stop. The author also reveals some special, deeply moving insights and realizations about Braco and his work.


The well-known border scientist Drago Plečko accompanied Braco for many years. He describes Braco’s work in the books “The Mystery of Braco 2” and “The Mystery of Braco 3”, using his extensive experience with masters and experts from East and West. These are the only books including quotes from Braco himself.


The invisible forces in Braco’s Gaze are made more understandable in the two books “Braco’s Gaze” and “Braco’s Gaze 2” by Croatia’s most pre-eminent psychiatrist and psychotherapist, the university professor Prof. Dr. Vladimir Gruden. The books not only provide special insights into the nature of Braco’s Gaze, but also into ourselves. These books are a valuable assistance in understanding the rules of the game of life and the benefits from Braco’s Gaze.


Sead Alić, has made several films about Braco and accompanied him because of this for many years as a cameraman. In his two books “Braco – the Book for You” and “Braco – the Book for You 2” he shares with particular clarity and simplicity his experiences and insights in the time with Braco. His two books say a lot about Braco and his gift in just a few words.


The book “After the Great Tragedy”, written by Braco himself, should not go unmentioned. He wrote it during his most difficult time – after the death of his beloved friend and predecessor Ivica Prokić in an accident. It is the best testimony from the beginning of Braco’s work in May, 1995, giving insights into human life and the future of mankind.


How I became a Prophet” is a summary of Ivica Prokić´s 13 books.  Prokić was the predecessor of Braco who laid the foundation for his path and the global development of Braco´s work today.


The Swiss professor Alexander Schneider invited Braco to his congress, the “Basel PSI Days”. This congress is one of the largest conventions for awareness and healing worldwide. Ninety percent of the visitors attended Braco’s events. Impressed by Braco and his work, Prof. Schneider later wrote the book “Braco – the fascinating World of Legend and Science”. In this book he looks at the Phenomenon of Braco from a modern scientific point of view.