Visitors at events report that books and DVDs about Braco and his gift convey more than just information. They can help maintain and deepen the connection with what Braco shares through his gaze. Drago Plečko regarded the DVDs and books about Braco as generators for the energy of his Gaze. For him they are like an amplifier for the time outside of live events. They remind you of, and reconnect you with your personal experience in the encounter with Braco’s Gaze.

There are about 100 DVDs about Braco, but not all of them have been translated into German or English. The shop offers a selection of beautiful DVDs containing many encouraging reports about big and small miracles that people experience in their lives when they meet Braco’s Gaze. Some DVDs are already available on YouTube on Braco’s official channel.


More recent DVDs are “One World”, “Seeds of Awakening”, “Joy of Life”, and “His name is Braco”. “One World” is considered one of the most beautiful DVDs, with touching reports and images from the events in Portugal and of people from around the world. On this DVD you will hear what Braco says about his mission. It also includes an interview with Braco’s wife and son. “Seeds of Awakening” which was released earlier, documents the release of the documentary film about Braco, “The Power of Silence”, from the world premieres in Los Angeles and New York to showings in Bucharest and Zagreb. The DVD “The Joy of Life” centers on the story of a boy who, according to his doctors’ prognoses, should not be alive. It also contains an extended interview with the well-known Croatian psychiatrist and psychotherapist Prof. Dr. Vladimir Gruden.


The DVDs “The Golden Bridge” and “Journey to Braco” document the period when Braco regularly visited the United States. There contain very impressive reports and testimonials from visitors. They speak about the benefits their have experienced in their lives after an encounter with Bracos Gaze.  “Paradigm Shift”, also from this period, reports on a major change in Braco’s work that took place in 2004. Until then, Braco had always spoken to his visitors on a one-to-one basis. Since the event in Bosnia in 2004, which attracted 7600 visitors, he starting Gazing with groups of people. The DVD also includes images from Braco’s visits to Japan and the USA.


Next Step… USA” describes in a very personal way the path to Braco’s decision to accept his first invitation to a congress in the USA. Braco first stepped onto American soil in Las Vegas. The film speaks of this and also provides large parts of Drago Plečko’s lecture at the congress on border sciences in which he introduced Braco to the American audience. In addition there are interviews with scientists and the author of the book “ET”. Braco turned out to be the most important part of the congress, and he received invitations to 21 different states in the United States.


Invisible Hug” describes another turning point in Braco’s work: the invitation to one of the world’s largest congresses for consciousness and healing, the “Basel PSI Days”. Among others you will hear touching statements of experts about Braco and his work.


“Lebenskraft 2006” is a related DVD portraying in a lively fashion Braco’s appearance at this large expo in Zürich, Switzerland.


The DVD “Gentle Touch” covers another large event in a very inspiring way: “Lebenskraft” fair in March 2007. The large number of reports from visitors to Bracos events at these Zurich fairs give a profound insight into the possibilities of Braco’s silent Gaze. They increase one’s faith in a personal path to a happy life.


The DVD “Water” deals with a border science congress in Rimini, Italy in 2008 at which Drago Plečko presented Swiss research documenting energetic changes occurring in water after exposure to Braco’s Gaze.


The film “A Personal Encounter” describes stages of Braco’s work up to the present day through very personal reports from people who have played a special role in the development of his worldwide activity. The DVD covers large gatherings for the birthdays of Ivica and Braco and at an event in Munich with more than 4,000 visitors, and provides moving reports from visitors about changes in their lives. This is complemented by beautiful images of Braco’s time in the Dachstein area of the Austrian Alps.


The DVDs “15 years with Braco”, “Life after Life”, “Memories that Last”,” Braco 40”, “Days of Birth”, “A Testimony of Truth and Love”,” Awakening within us”, and “Love is My Final Prophecy” are timeless treasures covering the early years in the development of Braco’s work. They each have unique value and show images from the birthdays and events from the early days when Braco was still speaking up to today’s large crowds. Some DVDs show the development over the years, including film excerpts from each individual year that allow you to follow this development in detail. “Memories that Last” and “Life After Life” are very special, as they focus on Ivica Prokić, Braco’s predecessor, and include original footage from his time along with very convincing reports from contemporary witnesses. This way Ivica Prokić, with his rough outer shell and a heart filled with unequalled love and compassion, is made to come alive for everyone. A gem of a DVD is “Love is my Final Prophecy” which is the only DVD in which Braco speaks about the stages of his life from childhood on. In a conversation with Drago Plečko, he provides answers to many very personal questions.


The DVD “A Dream Comes True” begins with a music video by Croatian singer Boris Novković and contains very soulful and touching music. It combines beautiful scenes from Srebrnjak on Braco’s birthday in 2004 with detailed personal statements by Boris Novković, a Muslim dignitary, the physician Professor Gruden and a leading scientist from a university in Zagreb.


On the DVD “Free as a Bird” an Austrian television journalist describes Braco’s path from the beginning with Ivica Prokić up to the present day. The film is well worth seeing, combining beautiful scenes with Braco in the Adriatic, the sea he particularly loves, with instructive reports including one on the effect of the sun symbol on people.


We are all one” takes you on a trip with Braco to events in Opatija, Böblingen, Rogaška, Ljubljana, Vienna, Zurich, Berlin and Esslingen, while the DVD “Braco is coming again” provides film excerpts with Braco from ten different countries. Both DVDs are filmed and commented on with insight by Sead Alić, a professional filmmaker who also produced the film “Grownups are like Children” and authored the books “Braco – the book for you” and “Braco – the book for you 2”. In the first DVD (“We are all one”), visitors from the cities mentioned above share the miracles, both big and small that took place through Braco’s Gaze, while the second DVD (“Braco is coming again”) does not include interviews with visitors: unlike most other DVDs, it lets visuals speak for themselves. The insightful commentary and very fitting music underline the informative value of these impressions of Braco and the crowds of people.


The Beauty is within us” is a report of Braco’s events in Slovenia that shows visitors telling how their lives have changed for the better. The DVD “The Valley of Peace” includes an interview with Drago Plečko recorded with Slovenian journalists and showing the beginning of the events in Rogaška, Slovenia.


Almost every weekend Braco travels to events in other countries, and during his absence visitors to his center in Zagreb can listen to a recording of his voice. The DVD “From Spark to Flame” contains the entire recording with subtitles, along with reports from people describing the amazing effects of his voice.