about Braco

With Braco, comfort can be found in the warm familiarity of an encounter that opens our heart and enlivens hope once again.


Those meeting Braco´s peaceful Gaze for the first time sometimes note this inviting feeling of familiarity, even friendship and trust. Others report this connection growing with time, becoming a uniquely personal foundation as their lives are enriched by the gift Braco shares.

Braco’s work on behalf of people, to help better lives and offer renewed hope, has been taking place since 1995 in many countries: including Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, the United States, Mexico, Japan, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Holland, Czech Republic, Finland, Portugal, Denmark, Israel, Ireland, Australia, Russia, Dominican Republic. And this list is growing with new countries offering invitations for Braco to visit.

The warmth, love and calm that some people feel when gazing with Braco can inspire positive reactions in people, enabling a personalized connection to be made to new and better possibilities for life and wellbeing.

Only days after the passing of Ivica Prokić in 1995, the first people appeared requesting Braco’s help, and he tried to give it without thought for himself or his loss. A great responsibility was now upon him, bringing together the needs of the many and Braco’s unfailing trust in the gift Ivica had helped him discover. In this unique situation, Braco spontaneously recognized his natural talent and was sought out by people asking for relief from their difficulties, and soon be judged for his work.

Time would reveal the success of the help he offered through the growing numbers of visitors, and by people simply sharing their personal stories of being helped, spreading news of Braco to more and more people. At first, he sometimes used physical touch to offer aid to visitors and later brief words. He also saw people individually. Over the years, he and his way of sharing his gift evolved. It could no longer be restricted by words or limited to one individual at a time. In 2004, Braco began silently gazing for groups as people experience today. At this time, Braco also stopped speaking in public, allowing the results of his work to be shared simply through people who benefited.

Braco Today

Braco`s life shows his great commitment trying to help people – regardless of their nationality, culture, or ideology.

He freely shares his gift equally with everyone who visits him. The silent gift he offers is shared without the necessity of words, and he does not promote any teaching or give a philosophy about life. Braco has also never given a media interview. His sole focus is upon people and sharing his gift where he is invited. People are meant to judge his work for themselves.

Although some have theorized about his work, the majority of people find the many testimonials and personal stories shared by visitors a compelling way to understand the rich possibilities offered to those who come to experience this gift for themselves.

Most of the time, Braco travels to live events in different countries. Through the years, visitors have commented on Braco’s natural stamina and enduring calm in the face of his rigorous schedule, as well as his endearing warmth. Yet Braco views himself as an ordinary man, with normal joys and sorrows. He has simply found a way of sharing a gift that can offer relief and hope to people.

Braco is married and has one son, born in December 2000. He has a deep love and appreciation of nature and the sea. Most of all Braco enjoys playing with his son and treasures their precious time together. Like a typical family man, the company of his wife, parents and dear friends brings him much joy and happiness. Friends have noted that Braco maintains a child-like enthusiasm for life and all things new, yet remark that he also possesses a great strength that aids him in carrying the responsibility he has accepted.


Braco’s Gaze 2 – The Unknown Infinity

by Prof. Dr. Vladimir Gruden

In “Braco’s Gaze 2: The Unknown Infinity”, Professor Vladimir Gruden, M.D., expands the quest to understand the unseen forces behind Braco’s giving gaze that began in book one, by now showing people the most hidden influences within themselves. Dr. Gruden reaches into the vast territories of mind, spirit and God, to brilliantly empower individuals with fresh perspectives. His skillful explanations and examples guide readers through the depths and mysteries of their consciousness.

Braco Books