Sun symbol jewelry available online

  • 14 carat / 585 gold
  • approx. 0,02 carat fine diamond
  • size: approx. 1,5 cm diameter
  • 14 carat / 585 gold
  • approx. 0,02 carat fine diamond
  • size: approx. 0,7 cm diameter

about Braco

With Braco, comfort can be found in the warm familiarity of an encounter that opens our heart and enlivens  hope once again. 

Those meeting Braco´s peaceful gaze for the first time sometimes describe this inviting feeling of familiarity, even friendship and trust. Others report this connection growing with time, becoming a uniquely personal foundation as their lives are enriched by the gift Braco shares.

Since 1995, Braco has devoted his life’s work to improving people’s lives and giving them new hope. People from different countries report positive changes, among others in Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, the USA, Mexico, Japan, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Finland, Portugal, Denmark, Israel, Ireland, Australia, Russia, Dominican Republic, Spain, England. And this list continues to grow with every new invitation that Braco receives.

The energy, love and peace that some people feel in Braco’s gaze can help make positive changes in life. For some, the encounter with Braco’s gaze is the starting point for a new and more beautiful life.

Only a few days after the sudden death of his mentor Ivica Prokić in 1995, the first people appeared and asked Braco for help – and Braco helped them without thinking about himself or his tragic loss. He now had a great responsibility to take care of the needs of all these people. In this extraordinary situation, Braco spontaneously recognized his natural talent to help. People went to Braco and asked for help solving their problems.

Time would reveal the success of the help he offered through the growing numbers of visitors, and by people simply sharing their personal stories of being helped, spreading news of Braco to more and more people. At first, he sometimes used physical touch to offer aid to visitors and later a few words of advice. He also saw people individually. Over the years, he and his way of sharing his gift evolved. It could no longer be restricted by words or limited to one individual at a time. In 2004, Braco began silently gazing for groups as people experience today. At this time, Braco also stopped speaking in public, allowing the results of his work to be shared simply through people who had benefited.

To this day, Braco’s life is characterized by his great commitment and dedication to helping people improve their lives – regardless of their nationality, culture or religion.
He freely shares his gift equally with everyone who visits him. The silent gift he offers through his gaze is shared without the necessity of words, and he does not promote any teaching or give a philosophy about life. Braco has never given an interview in the media. He leaves it up to others to judge his work. His focus is on people and the effort to give his gaze to those who want to experience it.
Some scientists have put forward interesting theories to explain Braco’s work. Nevertheless, many people find the personal reports of the visitors to be convincing, in order to get to know the possibilities that can arise in the personal experience with Braco’s gaze. One piece of advice for those who are coming to the encounters with Braco’s gaze for the first time: just be open to new opportunities – during the live events with his gaze, when you see a film about Braco or when reading a book about his life and his work.

Braco is traveling most of his time to live events in different countries worldwide or sharing his gaze online through Live Streaming. In these demanding tasks, Braco exudes admirable stamina, persistent calm facing his rigorous schedule as well as a special endearing warmth. Still, Braco feels like an ordinary person with normal joys and sorrows.
Braco is married and has a son who was born in December 2000. He has a deep love for nature and especially for the sea. He enjoys playing with his son in his precious time. As a family man, being with his wife, parents and dear friends bring him a lot of joy and happiness. His friends have found that Braco has retained a childlike enthusiasm for life and new things. They also see that he has extraordinary strength to carry on the responsibility he has accepted.